Interview with the authors of “Saving The King”

Recently I had the unexpected pleasure of interviewing a very interesting couple – George and Christine Gomez, authors of “Saving The King,” a fictional drama/fantasy screenplay and novel about Elvis Presley and what might have happened had a wealthy fan stepped in to save him before it was too late.

saving-the-king-george-christineGeorge is a Cuban-Dominican and was raised in Nashville since the age of three. He works as a registered nurse in the psychiatric field. He is an avid golfer and a movie trivia buff. Christine is a California native and works as a software developer for one of the nation’s premier national laboratories.

Here’s the author’s synopsis of the book:
Elvis Presley saves a young boy from a menacing stranger after a performance in 1956, setting up a chain of events that ultimately leads to a mystical encounter with an angel who sends Elvis on a journey that changes his destiny. The young boy grows up into a rich and powerful man who forces Elvis to confront the demons of his addictions. There are many threads to this story, such as the involvement of Johnny Cash to help orchestrate the plan while a down-and-out reporter investigates the mystery of Elvis’ death, getting too close to the truth. As the tale unfolds, the reader will be pulled back to the days before the King of Rock n Roll fell from his throne.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought too. I say the interview was unexpected because I didn’t contact them, George contacted me (lord knows why) via Twitter to see if I was interested in conducting an interview. Usually I do reviews of Americana Music artists and their latest releases. But then I thought… Elvis was a huge influenece on a lot of the artists I listen to, so why not? And the more I read up on George and Christine and this piece of work of theirs, the more I was curious about how the dream of this unique story was brought to fruition (and why hadn’t anyone else thought of it earlier? I mean… Elvis has been gone for almost 37 years).

saving-the-king-01It turns out George has been carrying this story idea around in his back pocket for years, telling it to everyone, all the while driving his wife Christine nuts. Finally Christine said, “Would you shut up and write this story down already?!” Well, maybe I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea. They’ve been married since 2007, so she’s probably heard the story over a thousand times. They sat down together and hammered it into a screenplay, and started shopping it around, generating a lot of interest in the film business. How exciting is that?

They were subsequently contacted by a publisher who wanted to see it in novel form, so they turned around and made that happen as well – doing what needed to be done to turn a screenplay into a novel. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Usually it’s done the other way around. It was heartening to talk to George and Christine. They are people who have the guts to go after their dream, in spite of the fact it may involved doing something in which they had very little experience. They figured out how to do it and ran with it, or as The King would say, they were “taking care of business.” (Although George does give Christine most of the credit calling her “The Smart One” in the partnership – proving that George is a smart man in his own way).

I hope to get to see George and Christine while they’re in town for the Las Vegas Elvis Festival  that will be happening July 10-13, 2014. They are an inspirational couple and I can’t wait to meet them. (Hopefully I’ll get to see firsthand what it takes to make a dream become a reality). If you’re in Las Vegas the weekend of the Festival, (which promises to be nothing short of a blast), be sure to say “HI” to them.

Their book “Saving The King” is available on Amazon (<–Click to view it on Amazon) in paperback and Kindle version. To get to know this energetic couple even better, watch the interview video below. Thank you very much!

 Interview with George & Christine Gomez, authors of “Saving The King”



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